How Reliable & Trustworthy Are Your Cooks?

They are recommended to us by our head cooks who are also vetted. Home owners also recommend their best cooks who they can trust to be on our platform. We also make use of BVN to verify their identities, addresses and bank accounts. By the way, every mobile cook has a form of identity with their apron and subscription card.

How Does MobileCook Work?

All you need to know is that cooks on this platform are professional freelanced cooks who are ready to offer their services to companies & individuals who wants fresh food. However, what you need to do is Login, Select and Choose cook in your location, Unlock cook contact with ₦ 1500 ONLY, Contact cook and meet with cook anytime convenient for both parties.

Can The Cook Travel With Me For a Cooking Job?

Yes of course! It is very possible, when the situation arises the available interested cook would be connected to discuss with customer on whatever arrangement is to be made.

How Do I Pay Cook?

After successful discussion with the cook on what is to be prepared. You get billed by the cook and you can negotiate with the cook if you like.

How can I Join The Mobile Cooks Network?

Click on “Become a Chef”, complete the application, ensure you give authentic information on your guarantor who knows you are a cook and information of client/company you have cooked for.

How Do I Carry My Cooking Services?

As a cook, you must have a white apron and its head gear when serving a client. A cook can get our Aprons and head gear from our shop at affordable prices.

Why We Collect Valid ID From Users?

We need to know the faces of users who are engaging the professional cooks on the platform and ensure that business is properly done in comfort & safety between user and the cooks, in other to ensure we protect the freelance cooks on this platform.