Name:: Chef Ogunyale

Specialty:: Protein:Fish, prawns, shrimps, calamari, beef, goat meat, games, poultry, snail etc Rice: Jollof, fried rice, coconut rice, savory rice, pillaff rice, chef rice, basmati rice etc Soup: Ewedu, Ego riro, Egusi, Gbegiri, Ogbono, Edikang ikon, banga soup. Pasta: Eliche, Spaghetti, Twist etc Potatoes: Boiled, roasted or grilled or fries Yam, sweet potato, potage, Egg dishes: omelettes, egg sauce Nigerian swallows (stodge) Cold dishes Salads Sandwiches and pancakes Soups and appetizers Quick bites/ small chops

State of Residence:: Lagos

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