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Mobilecooks.com.ng is Africa’s Uber for chefs. Your number one hospitality-agricultural-technology platform, aimed at providing reliable, trained and vetted chefs for hire on the go; preparing your favourite dishes and delivering them fresh at your door-steps; preparing your favourite pastries and cakes, and delivering them fresh at your door-steps; handling cleaning of your homes, offices, events, sites and assets; stocking up your homes and offices with food-stuffs on a monthly basis, providing quality farm fresh Nigerian frozen foods (frozen chicken and fish), vegetables and honey to your door-steps; assisting you with planning your events, as regards food preparation, distribution and management at the events, event decoration, event planning, cleaning at the event, rentals for the events, equipments for the event, DJs for the event, sound systems for the events, and sundry; while handling your laundry on the go.

Get the stress off your shoulders by trying out this solution NOW. Locate the GET STARTED AS A CLIENT or HIRE CHEFS button to sign up and get started.

We even take it further, you can rent-a-kitchen as a service, this will be useful, if you are a chef who runs a small business and requires a standard kitchen space to prepare your light-medium foods to deliver to your clients, it comes at a very affordable rate. Everyone is welcome, including ‘Want-to-be-chefs/cooks’ you can enrol to our cooking school , by registering for our In-person school or take online video courses. As a professional chef, this is definitely something new for you, you now have the power to get instantly matched to top employers on the go, be seen by millions all over the world, post your food story, and view coking jobs via your dashboard, but first check the CHEF’S CORNER to sign up as a professional chef.

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Our Impact Driven Vision

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500,000+ Litres

Over 500,000+ litres of freshly prepared meals is an urgent target by the mobilecooks team, making food always available for busy corporate individuals and businesses

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10,000+ chefs

Over 10,000+ chefs are projected to be matched to jobs over a 5 year period with 6,000 new ‘want-to-be chefs’ getting trained at affordable tuition fees, bringing much prosperity to Africa at large

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50,000+ Users

Users are always our bosses, they are the reason we are here to serve. On a start, we’re projecting to serving over 50,000 of them ensuring we help them focus more on achieving their objectives while they leave tasks that relates to food preparation and utility chores to us

Our Services

Hire Chef

Book a chef for employment

Contact chefs directly

Post Jobs for free

Verify a chef or cook

View chef-food stories


Rent our Kitchen space

Rent outdoor cooking wares

Chef corner

Sign up as a chef

View cooking jobs

Post food stories

Enrol to In-person cooking school to become a chef

Paid video cooking courses

Utility services

Bulk food delivery from Mile12 market

Get your home & offices cleaned

Get your laundry done

Get your grocery shopping done

Get your event managed

Order fresh food

Local Dish

Continental dish

Pastries and cakes

Buy our farm produce

Frozen chicken

Frozen fish

Fresh honey

Fresh vegetables

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How Mobilecooks Works

Set-up account in 2 secs!

Click on “GET STARTED AS A CLIENT” to create an account.

Hire chefs in real time

Contact verified chefs directly from the comfort of your dashboard.

Hire a chef for employment ASAP!

You can book a chef for long or temporary employment and be attended to by our account officers. You are placed to chefs as soon as possible.

Post Jobs for free

Make use of this service to showcase job opportunities in your community to chefs in our community.

Verify a chef/cook

Always know who stays with you or works for you as a worker. We got you covered.

Order fresh food

Order local, continental, cakes and pastries from your dashboard. Give us a 48 hours notice and we'll deliver. Just tell us the litres of food you need, we’d come up with the quote ASAP.

Get your utility chores done

From your dashboard, do your laundry, get foodstuffs and groceries in bulk from Mile12 market, get your homes and offices cleaned up, while getting your events all planned out.

Order our fresh farm produce

Get freshly reared frozen chicken, quality frozen fish, pure honey and fresh vegetables all from your dashboard.


You can rent our kitchen space, or rent outdoor cooking-wares for your events.

View chef-food stories

From your dashboard you can see active chefs via their food stories and engage them based on what you’ve seen.

Register as a Chef

Click on “GET STARTED AS A CHEF” to create an account.

Set up your account in 2 sec!

Click on “GET STARTED AS A CHEF” to create an account.

Get employed long/temporary term

Get long term job offers or temporary ones from your dashboard in real time.

View cooking jobs

You can view cooking jobs listed by verified clients in search of immediate engagement with chefs.

Be showcased & get called directly

Receive calls directly from local and international clients when you showcase yourself and skills at affordable rates.

Post food stories

Another way to showcase yourself and skills is to post your food stories on a daily basis via your dashboard to millions of international clients.

Rent a kitchen space

Are you a chef with a small business, you have a group of clients you serve, create a booking via your dashboard to rent our kitchen space for a day, week, or on a monthly basis.


You can rent our kitchen space to prepare delicious meals for your clients, or rent outdoor cooking-wares for your events.

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Pay just NGN2,500 yearly as a member chef & enjoy unlimited access to hospitality job offer